Help in Tough Economic Times


It’s always the "little things" that help, and we are doing what we can to assist you during the fluctuating economy.

The following is a new facility being offered to all our customers and may help.

You may keep a record of your order to cross-check with your delivery. Do you find the supplier invoice is usually printed with the items listed in a different sequence to your records?

Well it’s a small step...but we can now customise the paperwork you receive from us into the sequence YOU prefer! Our invoices are usually printed in stock number sequence. But now, if it will help you, we can print your invoice in any of these formats:

  1. Stock Number Sequence. Exactly as it is produced now by item number.

  2. Price Book Sequence. Where all like products are grouped together eg by bandages, solutions, or sutures.

  3. Entry Sequence. The sequence of your order via telephone, online ordering, fax, or email.

You can email us at with your customer number, address, and your preferred sequence. We will alter your invoices so that from the next order this change may just help a little!

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